Les Ripoux (Le Cop/My New Partner)

Les Ripoux (Le Cop/My New Partner)

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1984 / France / 107 min. / Colour

Director: Claude Zidi

Philippe Noiret, Thierry Lhermitte, Grace de Capitani, Julien Guiomar, Régine, Claude Brosset, Albert Simono. A riotous French comedy in which Noiret plays a streetwise Paris policeman who takes kickbacks from the minor criminals on his beat to allow them to continue and reduce his burden. To his chagrin he is assigned an idealistic new partner fresh from police training college. His efforts to enmesh his new colleague in the prevailing corruption succeed spectacularly. The original French title is Les Ripoux, backslang for les pourris meaning the rotten ones. It won the César Award for Best Film in 1985