Halloween Hammer Horror

Halloween Hammer Horror

Event Details

Saturday Night Double Feature!

First screening 7:30pm

Doors and Bar opens 7:00pm

Fleapit Film Café opens 6:00pm

No trick, but definitely a treat. To celebrate both Halloween and the Diamond Jubilee of Hammer Horror, we are screening the two films that got the ball, or should that be heads, rolling. Our very first Saturday night and a full double bill to boot. The Fleapit Film Café will open in the Front Meeting Room at the Hall at 6:00pm with the option of ordering your pudding to be served in the interval at 9:00pm rather than forcing both courses down before the first film. Or go mad and order just a pudding to stoke up your strength for the second feature!

As part of this celebration, and also to recognise what an important part Westerham Hall plays in our Club, we will donate all guest ticket income for this night to the Hall. Members wishing to swell this figure with donations at the membership desk will, of course, be most welcome!