Rebels Without a Clue

Rebels Without a Clue

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2010 / UK / 80 min. / Colour

Director: Ian Vernon

Rik Barnett, Stefan Gumbs, Asher Baynard, Clive Bonelle

In this off-beat comedy, Damian and Mark, two bored 16-year-olds, long to escape village life high on the Northern moors. They spend their time idly taking pot-shots at sheep and passing cars with Damian’s air rifle. Everything changes when they stumble upon a clandestine meeting between a thug and his cocaine-dealing ‘business associate’. Now all they have to do is buy a spade and dig a hole to bury the dealer’s body; appease Damian’s mouthy girlfriend; get off the moors and head South to Spain. Easier said than done when the killer is in hot pursuit…

The film will be introduced by its director, Ian Vernon and be followed by a Q&A session.