My Accomplice

My Accomplice

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2014 / UK / 92 min. / Colour

Director: Charlie Weaver Rolfe

Dimitrina Elliott, John Fitzmaurice, Alan Gilchrist

My Accomplice is an quirky comedy about falling in love. Set in Brighton, it features songs and live performances from local bands Transformer, Bob Wants His Head Back and The Mountain Firework Company; an ill-starred search for the village of Wivelsfield; the personal politics of perestroika in the wider context of David Hasselhoff; apricot flapjacks; abruptly unpredictable weather; gathering evidence of a seagull conspiracy and a small cast of everyday eccentrics that usually don’t make it into films: Bulgarians, adults with learning disabilities, very tall women and elective mutes. In a city of this many vulnerable adults, Frank and Ilse might never have met.

The film will be introduced by its director, Charlie Weaver Rolfe, and be followed by a Q&A session.